Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kindred Spirits

Oh, this blogging is so much fun!! I am meeting so many of you, new friends, and thank you so much for your lovely comments!! It means so much to me to know that there are so many kindred spirits out there!!

I "played" in the greenhouse this weekend (in between working - LOL) and made this bowl of ferns and sedums and a fabulous little plant I just love for both it's texture and color! The little red "polka dot" plant in the center, also known as hypoestes, makes containers pop!! And best of all, it comes in four colors, the red, white (which looks fantastic with lilac and lavender colored flowers), pink and rose. So versatile and so easy to care for.

I am looking for my notebook that has my herbal recipes for sachets and sleep pillows - will post when I find it :) - I have been rearranging all my studio rooms - hey, kids move out, Mom takes over another room - only fair, I say, since I had to raise 'em and teach 'em to keep said rooms clean!! Now I can mess them up (now, you know all those piles of fabric, books, lace, hatboxes, picture frames, yada, yada......are not REALLY a mess.......and after all, we might NEED some of that fluff and stuff for the next creation!) My poor husband's eyes just spin when he sees me come in from the thrift store, flea market, antique mall, garage sale, my mother's house.......of course, go into his workshop and see the bins and boxes and little glass containers of all manner of screws, nails, thingees (yeah, I can't even tell what some of that stuff IS) and the huge STACK of wood - do I question HIS integrity on what HE considers necessary???? Of course not!! So I say, same goes!! All in fun - he actually does get pleasantly surprised when I bring out an art creation - he is amazed that I can make something from what he was raised to think of as "JUNK" - (oh, what a word!! - we could go on and on about THAT word!!)

I am off to get ready for another crazy day in the nursery business - I have some baby plants coming in today - if I get a minute I may take a picture to show you - they are just so CUTE when they are babies!! Have a very lovely day, my friends, and take time to stop and smell the flowers!!!

Blessings and beach roses,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Got Rain??

I was reading one of Dawn's posts a couple of weeks ago, at The Feathered Nest, and she was commenting on a fabulous new plant she found on the web, called Diamond Frost. It is a wonderful plant, we started growing it last year and now cannot keep it in stock, it just flies out the door. Its full name is Diamond Frost euphorbia and it is an awesome, versatile plant. Use it like baby's breath in container plantings, plant it in the landscape - looks great with ferns and hostas and petunias - use it as a hanging basket - it is self cleaning, deer resistant and did not freeze in my fern garden against my house. Amazing plant!!!

It rained all around us, and this is good because this whole area needs it, but we got nary a drop!!! It stayed pretty cloudy but I did get in a couple of pretty good photos when the sun peeked out!!

Gotta run........get ready for another beautiful spring day.........spring is my favorite time of year and being in the plant business just makes it all the more fun.......I love watching tiny plants grow up and become gorgeous beauties!!!

Have a wonderful day, friends, and keep the breeze blowing in your hair!!

Blessings and beach roses, Marji

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lookin' For Rain......please

Well, I took these pix of some paperweights I have been working on, but we are FINALLY getting some much needed rain so they did not come out very well. I really can't complain as we are in a serious drought here so I will count this blessing and take more pix another day!

You get the idea, anyway, from them - I had so much fun making these and I will put them on my etsy as soon as I can take better photos. One has three tiny eggs, one a different color, and says "dare to be different" inside the nest. I have always told my children, and now my grandbabies, be yourself, don't just blindly follow the crowd!! The other has an adorable little girl pointing to the fairy fireworks while a smiling moon looks down!! So sweet!!

I was thrilled to hear that Dawn, over at The Feathered Nest, has finally gotten to kiss the cheeks (and toes) of baby Clara!! Long awaited, much loved.....just like any baby should be!!!! Now I am all the more eagerly awaiting my next grandbaby, due in October!! My youngest granddaughter is almost five, cute as a little bug, but I need some baby toes to play with again!!!!

Well, off to play with the plants - back soon to chat - have a wonderful day, my friends!!

Blessings, Marji

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learning to Fly

Wow!!! After many years of praying, working, learning, and trying again, it is all finally coming together!! Many thanks to all who have inspired me, and there are so many of you, but most especially thank you to Dawn from The Feathered Nest - kindred spirit and lovely lady. Reading you for the past year has given me courage and inspiration to leap from the nest and learn to fly!!

In addition to blogging, I am working on a website, and it looks like, with more prayers and hard work, my dream of owning a shop by the sea will be coming true within the year!! I am beside myself with excitement and will let you all know how it is going as we move forward!

I love all things antique, but I am partial to old paper, linens, buttons, game pieces, dishes and toys. I love birds and nests and eggs, the colors of the sea, the sound of ocean waves, my toes in the sand and the sunrise over the water. I love plants, I grow them and sell them and that will be a big part of my shop, as well.

I have been an ebay seller since 2000 and I have loved doing that, but I love people and want to welcome them into my own shop! The business we are in now is wholesale, so I mostly talk to my customers on the phone rather than in person - although I do get the lovely feeling every morning of walking into the greenhouses with my coffee and smelling all the wonderful fragrances of the many different plants and flowers!!

I hope you all have a lovely day, dear people, and thank you again for showing me a world of like-minded friends!! We all have so much to share!!!

Blessings & beach roses,