Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learning to Fly

Wow!!! After many years of praying, working, learning, and trying again, it is all finally coming together!! Many thanks to all who have inspired me, and there are so many of you, but most especially thank you to Dawn from The Feathered Nest - kindred spirit and lovely lady. Reading you for the past year has given me courage and inspiration to leap from the nest and learn to fly!!

In addition to blogging, I am working on a website, and it looks like, with more prayers and hard work, my dream of owning a shop by the sea will be coming true within the year!! I am beside myself with excitement and will let you all know how it is going as we move forward!

I love all things antique, but I am partial to old paper, linens, buttons, game pieces, dishes and toys. I love birds and nests and eggs, the colors of the sea, the sound of ocean waves, my toes in the sand and the sunrise over the water. I love plants, I grow them and sell them and that will be a big part of my shop, as well.

I have been an ebay seller since 2000 and I have loved doing that, but I love people and want to welcome them into my own shop! The business we are in now is wholesale, so I mostly talk to my customers on the phone rather than in person - although I do get the lovely feeling every morning of walking into the greenhouses with my coffee and smelling all the wonderful fragrances of the many different plants and flowers!!

I hope you all have a lovely day, dear people, and thank you again for showing me a world of like-minded friends!! We all have so much to share!!!

Blessings & beach roses,

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