Thursday, March 26, 2009

Got Rain??

I was reading one of Dawn's posts a couple of weeks ago, at The Feathered Nest, and she was commenting on a fabulous new plant she found on the web, called Diamond Frost. It is a wonderful plant, we started growing it last year and now cannot keep it in stock, it just flies out the door. Its full name is Diamond Frost euphorbia and it is an awesome, versatile plant. Use it like baby's breath in container plantings, plant it in the landscape - looks great with ferns and hostas and petunias - use it as a hanging basket - it is self cleaning, deer resistant and did not freeze in my fern garden against my house. Amazing plant!!!

It rained all around us, and this is good because this whole area needs it, but we got nary a drop!!! It stayed pretty cloudy but I did get in a couple of pretty good photos when the sun peeked out!!

Gotta run........get ready for another beautiful spring day.........spring is my favorite time of year and being in the plant business just makes it all the more fun.......I love watching tiny plants grow up and become gorgeous beauties!!!

Have a wonderful day, friends, and keep the breeze blowing in your hair!!

Blessings and beach roses, Marji


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Marji! Thank you so much for the drying tip for lavender, I want to get a new plant and try again! I should have planted it outside but kept it indoors...maybe I can find some of the diamond frost too!!! I just love your paperweights Marji, they're beautiful! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me ~ I hope you have a wonderful week! xxoo, Dawn

leh113 said...

Hello Marji-I found you @ The Feathered Nest this am & love your blog!I have been using Diamond Frost in my pots for a couple summers & it is perfect in evey way but I never thought of using it by itself! Will go by my fav nursery later today to see if they still have it...your paperweights are great too. You are truly blessed & a true Blessing to your readers-hope you have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

HI Marji,
Saw your post on TheFeatheredNest this morning.
Your paperweights are so pretty and thanks so much for the explanation on hanging plants upside down.
Will look for the Diamond Frost, too. I have been searching for dried lavender buds. Since I can't smell before I buy (via online), which of the varieties have the best scent for sachets?
Thanks so much..I was your first follower to sign up~~woo-hoo!

Blessings & Hugs,

Alicia Robbins said...

Dear Marji,
Welcome to blogland. And thankyou for the info on the Euphorbia. I needed something like that for some pots outside. Came over from Dawn's place and enjoyed the visit.
Have a Lovely Day~

The Country Nest said...

Proven Winners grows beautiful Diamond frost. I used it in baskets and window boxes last year! Breathtaking!

marie said...

I love my Diamond Frost and I love your paper weights! Welcome to the land of blog!!

Karen G. said...

Welcome, Marji!! The Feathered Nest recommended & I love your blog! Good luck with your new business! Can't wait to hear from you again!