Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kindred Spirits

Oh, this blogging is so much fun!! I am meeting so many of you, new friends, and thank you so much for your lovely comments!! It means so much to me to know that there are so many kindred spirits out there!!

I "played" in the greenhouse this weekend (in between working - LOL) and made this bowl of ferns and sedums and a fabulous little plant I just love for both it's texture and color! The little red "polka dot" plant in the center, also known as hypoestes, makes containers pop!! And best of all, it comes in four colors, the red, white (which looks fantastic with lilac and lavender colored flowers), pink and rose. So versatile and so easy to care for.

I am looking for my notebook that has my herbal recipes for sachets and sleep pillows - will post when I find it :) - I have been rearranging all my studio rooms - hey, kids move out, Mom takes over another room - only fair, I say, since I had to raise 'em and teach 'em to keep said rooms clean!! Now I can mess them up (now, you know all those piles of fabric, books, lace, hatboxes, picture frames, yada, yada......are not REALLY a mess.......and after all, we might NEED some of that fluff and stuff for the next creation!) My poor husband's eyes just spin when he sees me come in from the thrift store, flea market, antique mall, garage sale, my mother's house.......of course, go into his workshop and see the bins and boxes and little glass containers of all manner of screws, nails, thingees (yeah, I can't even tell what some of that stuff IS) and the huge STACK of wood - do I question HIS integrity on what HE considers necessary???? Of course not!! So I say, same goes!! All in fun - he actually does get pleasantly surprised when I bring out an art creation - he is amazed that I can make something from what he was raised to think of as "JUNK" - (oh, what a word!! - we could go on and on about THAT word!!)

I am off to get ready for another crazy day in the nursery business - I have some baby plants coming in today - if I get a minute I may take a picture to show you - they are just so CUTE when they are babies!! Have a very lovely day, my friends, and take time to stop and smell the flowers!!!

Blessings and beach roses,


Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Marji, My husband and myself were in the landscaping and lawn maint. business for 12 yrs. We really loved it~~we had to get out of it because sweet husband got hurt~~it became to much for his back !!! I really miss the landscaping part though!! But I still raise plants~~~just can't seem to keep my hands out of the dirt! Most everything I raise is in pots~~my art keeps me pretty busy in the studio. I'm so glad you are here in blogland, you're going to have great fun! I love it!!! Love the pics of you plants~~I love the pinkpokadot plant also, love PINK!!! Can never have enough of it! Well, better go it's starting to sound like a blog. Blessings Deborah

Jacque said...

Hi! Just wanted to drop by, always looking for blogs that talk about gardening and junk! Looks like you are doing a fine job on both, nice to meet you, drop by and see me on my two blogs!~Jacque

Linda said...

Beautiful blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marji~~Have fun with the babies today!!Love the little plants,,,so cute!
We are expecting more rain here today in the ATlanta area~~so grateful for the rain!
Can't wait to work in the yard, as soon as the weather clears!!

Take care, new friend!