Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lookin' For Rain......please

Well, I took these pix of some paperweights I have been working on, but we are FINALLY getting some much needed rain so they did not come out very well. I really can't complain as we are in a serious drought here so I will count this blessing and take more pix another day!

You get the idea, anyway, from them - I had so much fun making these and I will put them on my etsy as soon as I can take better photos. One has three tiny eggs, one a different color, and says "dare to be different" inside the nest. I have always told my children, and now my grandbabies, be yourself, don't just blindly follow the crowd!! The other has an adorable little girl pointing to the fairy fireworks while a smiling moon looks down!! So sweet!!

I was thrilled to hear that Dawn, over at The Feathered Nest, has finally gotten to kiss the cheeks (and toes) of baby Clara!! Long awaited, much loved.....just like any baby should be!!!! Now I am all the more eagerly awaiting my next grandbaby, due in October!! My youngest granddaughter is almost five, cute as a little bug, but I need some baby toes to play with again!!!!

Well, off to play with the plants - back soon to chat - have a wonderful day, my friends!!

Blessings, Marji

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Barb said...

Welcome to blogland!!!
It is a wonderful place to be, full of precious people, wonderful treasures, and oodles of encouragement and support.

We are available if you need us!!

Barbara Jean