Friday, April 17, 2009

Seed Packet Fun

Oh, good morning, my friends!! So sorry I have not been blogging the last couple of days......I think everyone decided Spring is finally here and came to the nursery this week!! Whew!!!

I have been visiting some of your blogs in my minutes here and there, however, and I have so much fun doing that!! There are wonderful things being shared and here are a few - Dawn, at The Feathered Nest, found some ADORABLE cabinet photo babies so check them out; Tami, at Aunt Mimi's Creations, posted some LUSCIOUS fruit lithos, and Yvette, at The Charm House, has a beautiful tribute for Mother's Day to make! Visit them all and share in the sharing!! I LOVE this!!!!

Let's share some more - here are the seed packets I promised and yes, I am still going to do a tutorial for making these beauties into ornaments - hopefully this weekend. In preparation for that, I thought I would post these scans - in order to make the ornaments I took each set of two and went to my Jasc Photo Shop and did the four per page landscape, which gave me eight packets just the right size for the ornaments.

If you notice, there are two seed packets (candytuft and sweet peas) that are in the red, white and blue theme. One year for the 4th of July, I made placecards for everyone's seat using those two. What I did was printed them on cardstock, glued two together, right sides out (of course-LOL), with a small wooden skewer inside to make it like a little sign. I then made small double point banners with white paper, put the names on the banners, and glued them at the bottoms where it says Burt's. I made the banners furl a little at each side. I then took small terracotta planter pots, planted an herb in each and stuck the little "signs" in each one, placed them around the table, and voila!!! It was so much fun, the table looked and smelled great, and everyone got a little something to take home!! The kids especially got excited to know they had their own little plant!! You could use flowers or ferns (love ferns) or sedums, little grasses or sweet alyssum, or that wonderful Diamond Frost!!!! You don't have to wait for Independence Day, either! It would be fun, using all the packets, for a garden party or ladies tea!!

I hear rain.......what a pleasant sound.....what a blessing!!! Have a very lovely day, my sweet friends, and remember, be still sometimes, and know!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh Marji~~LOVE these seed packets! I think I have planted each of these at one time or another, too! LOVE alyssum and the delicate little scent it has..

We have had some beautiful weather here is GA and I am trying to get out in the yard~~LOL!
Thanks so much for sharing!


Tami said...


The seed packets are gorgeous!! Thank-you!! I love your idea too...I think it would be cute just because I love flowers....could be a wonderful center piece with several different sizes of pots. Hummmm....

Thank you so for being a sweetie and mentioning my blog!!

Have a beautiful day!!


Primitive Peddlers said...

Marji, these are just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Can't wait to see your tutorial.

Cathy ♥

The Charm House said...

Marji... I love the seed packets! Thanks for sharing them with us. I cannot wait to get out into the garden! I miss it so much during the winter. I think I will start planting the pots outside my studio door this week just to feel good!
Have a great week!

Mrs. Staggs said...

These are so pretty. I thank you very much for sharing them. I know that I will love having them and use them often.

Anonymous said...
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