Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Awesome God!!

You know, after I took those pictures yesterday, I really got to thinking about beauty, and art, and creation........and as I stood looking at the above pictured pink and white double petunia, I realised that we come from the Great Creator, the One Artist, and I was still, and knew.

It never ceases to amaze me, being in this business of growing plants, living things, how a tiny, rather ugly, nondescript seed can become the most beautiful flower. How, no matter what we can create, be it art, or music, no matter how beautiful it is, it pales in comparison to a simple flower or the song of a tiny sparrow that only He can create. Does this intimidate me and keep me from even attempting art? Quite the contrary, it gives me courage to continually get creative, and have fun doing so, and not take myself too seriously, because I know that my talents come from my heavenly Father, and He gave us the natural beauty for inspiration!

Thank you, lovely friends, because He gave us each other, as well, and as we go about the busyness of daily living, we give each other nurture, conversation and inspiration, and I am grateful for it all. Have a most lovely and blessed day!

Blessings in abundance,


Sally L. Smith said...

I'm here through Dawn Edmonson's blog. Your thoughts are just what I needed to start my day. I hope you have a blessed and productive one as well.

Tami said...

Amen!! He truly is an awesome GOD!!


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I came from Dawn's blog too- I love your's! Nicely done. I love to garden, and seeing all those plants made my mouth water! WE're in Pa., and so it's almost time to go get flowers! I'm going to fill the window boxes with pansies- I think- because our house goes on the market this week, and I need some brightness! We're heading to Maine- are you still there? COme visit my site- Lee

tam said...

Hello Marji,
Very nicely said-enjoyed you post very much. Hope you have a fun weekend~Smiles~Tam!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post in word and image.