Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Friends & Baby Plants

Look at the pretty baby!! That is a tiny little pink polka dot plant amongst a sea of tiny white ones - both my favorites!!
This is a bunch of new babies we propagated from a cool hanging basket!!
This is the new Proven Winners oxalis called Charmed Wine.....indeed!!! Totally awesome shade plant!!
These are my COOL geraniums in all kinds of PINKS.....mmmmmmm!!!
And, of course, my Diamond Frost - wish I could send you all a sample!!!!

What a day, my friends!! It was SOOOOO windy here (40 mph) that my computer went down FIVE times at work!! Drove me nuts. Then, I find out that my printer, scanner went down too!! A Charlie Brown ARRRGGG to that!! But, my sweet, computer geek nephew saved the day and fixed all so I will be able to scan more sweet pix for you!! Thank you, Jake-man!!

I went ot visit Dawn's site (The Feathered Nest) at lunch and saw she had also posted some images of seed packets and was I ever surprised (we MUST be soul sisters) as I have the same kind of seed packets and actually used them to make some ornaments several years back - I will take some pix tomorrow to show you and if I can figure it all out, I will post a free tutorial this weekend for you to do the same. They are very cool for spring and Easter decorating!!

I have to say thank you to all who have visited me, you are all such sweet people and I am so happy to meet you all! I love this blogging thing because I have met such wonderful people!! You all inspire me to do so much more than I could ever have done alone! Thank you and Bless you!!

Until tomorrow, dear friends, have a very lovely evening!

Blessings, Marji

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