Thursday, July 9, 2009


Got the kids moved into new apartments so I made them some planters for the patios.....had so much to make these!!! I have a special haven in the garden where I can putter about and create lovely planters and such, it is so soothing and calm out there. I make moss rocks for my beds and herb garden, too, and I will have to do a tutorial on that for ya'll, because they are EXPENSIVE to buy!! There is a family joke about moss rocks....when DH and I were making the first herb garden I decided I needed some large rocks covered in moss for the beds.......we went to a materials yard where DH practically fainted at the idea of spending 150.00 on ROCKS (thought I had rocks in my head, truth to tell) but he bought them and it has been a joke around here ever since. Every time I decide I want something that is in the least bit off the wall, the kids spout "Uh oh, Mom is buying moss rocks again!" I DID learn how to make my own, as I was pretty certain he was NEVER gonna BUY them again......sigh!!!! It is 104 every day so it has been a challenge just to get the energy to think, however........LOL.....South Texas in the up north in the winter.......we'll be getting cabin fever by August 1st at this rate!!!

I bought some fabulous tutorials from Dawn over at The Feathered Nest - my grandbabies are coming to craft with me and I wanted to have a pictorial view of what we were doing - these are just perfect and the kids can understand and feel like they made something "all by themselves" ( well, almost!!) -a little help from Gramma never hurt anyone!!! I am going to help the littlest one make a pincushion for her Mama - that will be a lot of fun!!

I have been cleaning and sorting in my studio this past week and I have found some cool papers and such that I even forgot I fun is I will get some scanned and share - it's almost like Christmas around here when I finally get through the spring rush and rediscover my studio and my stash!!!

Well, gotta get back to it - can't have those little ones in there like it is now - wouldn't FIND them till Christmas!!!!

Have a fabulous day, my friends!!

Blessings, Marji

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Anonymous said...

HI Marji!!
Oh I LOVE your planters!! Great colors and such pretty plants.
Wow~~104 is beyond HOT!!
Have fun with your grandbabies:))